Commit 3d75b165 authored by Alice Brenon's avatar Alice Brenon
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Reindent with spaces instead of tabs for homogeneity + use install pragha

parent abd75393
...@@ -35,47 +35,48 @@ ...@@ -35,47 +35,48 @@
(gnu packages xorg)) (gnu packages xorg))
(define %extra-packages (define %extra-packages
(list arc-icon-theme (list arc-icon-theme
arc-theme arc-theme
binutils binutils
cabal-install cabal-install
claws-mail claws-mail
cmus cmus
cryptsetup cryptsetup
curl curl
dconf dconf
evince evince
fontconfig fontconfig
font-dejavu font-dejavu
font-google-noto font-google-noto
gcc-toolchain gcc-toolchain
ghc ghc
ghc-xmonad-contrib ghc-xmonad-contrib
git git
gnu-make gnu-make
graphviz graphviz
gvfs gvfs
htop htop
ibus ibus
ibus-anthy ibus-anthy
jq jq
lftp lftp
netcat netcat
nss-certs nss-certs
openssh openssh
pandoc pandoc
pwgen pragha
python pwgen
recutils python
rsync recutils
texlive rsync
tmux texlive
unzip tmux
vim-full unzip
vim-solarized vim-full
xarchiver vim-solarized
xclip xarchiver
xmonad xclip
xsetroot xmonad
xfce4-screenshooter xsetroot
zip)) xfce4-screenshooter
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