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json exports

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......@@ -5,13 +5,59 @@ import argparse
import os, sys, os.path
import getpass
import sqlite3
import json
import re #regular expression
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Extraire les notes d'une liseuse Vivlio")
parser.add_argument("-s", "--source", help="le dossier de la liseuse", type=str, default=None)
parser.add_argument("-f","--format", help="le format d'export (JSON ou wiki)", type=str, default=None)
parser.add_argument("-d", "--destination", default=None, help="le chemin et nom du dossier d'export (un fichier par livre)", type=str)
parser.add_argument("-d", "--destination", default=".", help="le chemin et nom du dossier d'export (un fichier par livre)", type=str)
args = parser.parse_args()
def getPage(anchor):
output ="page\=(\d+)",anchor)
if output is not None:
output =
return int(output)
class Annotation:
BM = "bookmark" #bookmark
QUOTE = "citation" #citation
NOTE = "note" #note
def __init__(self, dbString):
tmp = json.loads(dbString)
self.text = None
self.endP = None
if len(tmp)==3:
self.type = Annotation.NOTE
tmp[0]["note"] = tmp[2]["text"].replace("\n","")
self.note = tmp[0]["note"]
elif len(tmp[1]) == 1:
self.type = Annotation.BM
self.type = Annotation.QUOTE
#TODO mistakes Crayon for a quote, quoting "crayon"
self.raw = tmp[0]
self.p = getPage(tmp[0]["anchor"])
if "begin" in tmp[0] :
self.p = getPage(tmp[0]["begin"])
if "end" in tmp[0] :
self.endP = getPage(tmp[0]["end"])
if "text" in tmp[0] :
self.text = tmp[0]["text"].replace("\n","")
def toJSON(self):
json_note = {"raw":self.raw,"type":self.type,"p":self.p}
if self.text != None :
json_note["text"] = self.text
if self.endP != None :
json_note["endP"] = self.endP
return json_note
def getSource():
print("Warning, this only works for linux systems")
basepath = "/media/"+getpass.getuser()
......@@ -33,16 +79,40 @@ def getSource():
def connect(sourceDir):
path = sourceDir+'/system/config/books.db'
if not os.path.isfile(path):
raise ValueError ("Failed to connect to DB ("+path+").")
conn = sqlite3.connect(path)
print("Connected to '"+path+"'.")
conn = sqlite3.connect("file://"+path+'?mode=ro', uri=True)
print("Connected to '"+path+"'.")
except (ValueError,sqlite3.Error) as e:
print (str(e))
conn = None
return conn
def retrieveData(conn):
query = "SELECT `Books`.`Title` as `title`, `Books`.`Authors` as `author`, '['||GROUP_CONCAT(`Tags`.`Val`, ',')||']' as `data` FROM `Books`, `Items`, `Tags` WHERE (`Tags`.`TagID` = 101 OR `Tags`.`TagID` = 104 OR `Tags`.`TagID` = 105) AND `Tags`.`ItemID`= `Items`.`OID` AND `Items`.`ParentID`=`Books`.`OID` GROUP BY `Items`.`OID` ORDER BY `author`, `title`;"
cur = conn.cursor()
return cur.fetchall()
#while conn.fetchone()
def dataToJSON(data, directory):
curfile = None
for comment in data:
fileName = directory+"/"+comment[1]+"_"+comment[0]+".json"
if curfile != fileName:
if curfile != None:
JSON_store(curdata, curfile)
curfile = fileName
curdata = {"title":comment[0],"author":comment[1],"data":[]}
jj = Annotation(comment[2])
fileName = None
if curfile != None:
JSON_store(curdata, curfile)
def JSON_store(data, filename):
out_file = open(filename, "w")
json.dump(data, out_file, indent = 2, ensure_ascii=False)
if __name__ == "__main__":
if args.source == None:
......@@ -52,4 +122,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
if source != None:
conn = connect(source)
if conn != None:
data = retrieveData(conn)
if data != None:
dataToJSON(data, args.destination)
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